Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Healing Energy

Healthy mind = Healthy body = Loving heart

In this life full of ups and downs, the best thing you can do for yourself is:

1) clear all past traumas that carry a negative charge on them

2) clear any other ongoing stressors or conscious conflicts

3) spend 5 minutes a day writing a gratitude list. We attract into our lives what we focus on

When we focus on what is going right at the moment (i.e. focusing on what we do want, not on what we don't want), we tend to attract more of those good feelings into our lives. And by writing a gratitude list, we trigger positive emotions and healing energy. Here's mine for today:

~ a loving partner and beautiful home

~ living amongst rugged beauty full of outdoor activity and adventure

~ two of the cutest kittens you have ever seen (Boots and Kleanza)

~ food in the tummy / freedom to make healthy choices

~ a few good friends who will always be there no matter what the distance

~ a positively charged family that gives unconditional love and support

~ independence and freedom in my creative outlets and employment

~ my passion for yoga and quest to continue learning and practicing

~ correspondence with Padma Dechen and the wonderful people I met in Leh, Ladakh

The picture on this post was taken in Feb 07 at Shames Mountain

We had a spectacular ski season and are looking forward to next year. Can you believe an early bird pass is so cheap! Life in the northwest is good.