Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wild Lotus Makes Contact

"2010 The Year We Make Contact." I remember watching this epic science fiction film as a youngster and thinking how far off 2010 was into the future. I tried to imagine what life would be like ... the innovations, the mentality, the state of the world. Well guess what folks it's 2010 and it feels like just yesterday that the infamous space expedition was sent to Jupiter to learn what happened to the Discovery.

It is now that very near future and a small group of yogis have set out on their greatest adventure ... to see if there is life beyond the stars and make their dreams come true. In October 2009, Lonna and I decided to embark on a transformational journey and open a new yoga studio and multi-purpose centre in a downtown location accessible to all. We envisioned it to be a dynamic space full of energy and activity. A place where people of all ages and disciplines could gather to learn, dance, exercise, relax, meet and enjoy their community. In December 2009, we officially opened our doors and the support has been overwhelming and most encouraging.

We have lovingly called this new space, "Wild Lotus Studio" in honor of our collaboration and the symbolism of the lotus in yoga ... 'at home in muddy waters'. As for the original "Treehouse Yoga" ... this little company remains near and dear to my heart and will continue to be a creative outlet for my individual endeavors. Stay tuned. I look forward to planning and offering unique retreats with an array of outdoor activities, special treatments, exotic locales and of course yoga.

2010 is looking great! I am super excited about all of the opportunities, transformations, and adventures this year will bring.

The New Wild Lotus Studio is in Full Bloom - 4607 Lazelle Ave

New year. New resolutions. It's January 2010!

We practice.
We flow.
We tremble.
We laugh.

We are a community. Together we strengthen our bodies and balance our minds. We pursue peace and cultivate kindness. At Wild Lotus Studio, we believe that practicing yoga is a catalyst for what we practice in our daily lives.

In 2010, what will you practice? Whether it be focus or flexibility, soaring or slowing down, we want to support you.

Wild Lotus Studio is in Full Bloom with a new name, as well as, a variety of new courses, classes and special events. Read on.

//Pre-Register Sessions//

Pre-Natal with Lonna - Monday February 1st to March 22nd (Noon to 1pm)
This is an 8 week pre-register session. Cost: $80
Gentle, Safe movements and stretches are designed to strengthen and open the body, allowing you to meet the challenges and transformations of pregnancy with confidence and calm. Postures are presented with variations appropriate for all stages of pregnancy.

Yoga Fundamentals with Naomi - Tuesday February 2nd to Tuesday March 23rd (7:30pm - 8:30pm)
This is an 8 week pre-register session. Cost: $80
This course introduces new and continuing students to the principles of alignment, breath work, primary poses, variations and foundational basics, including yoga philosophy. Emphasis will be on standing and seated poses, as well as, improving overall strength and flexibility.

BELLY DANCE with KRYSTYNA for fun and fitness. Starting Monday February 1st - April 5th, 7:30pm - 8:45pm and running for 10 weeks.
To register contact: Krystyna Moss @ or sign up at the studio.

//Specialty Workshops//

Partner Yoga is Back. Two People. One Mat. Get set to defy gravity, deepen your stretch and have lots of fun.
Friday January 22nd 5:30pm - 7pm. Reserve your Mat today. Cost: $20 / person

//The Wild Lotus LAUNCH PARTY//

Mark your calendars! Join us for light refreshments, music and smiles as we celebrate the opening of our new studio with a gathering of friends and friends of friends. Saturday January 30th, 7pm - 10pm.

//Our Regular Yoga Schedule//

NEW: Early Morning Yoga:
Every Wednesday and Friday, 6:30am - 8:15am. By Donation. This is a SELF-DIRECTED open session for yogis to deepen their personal practice and enjoy the warm and relaxed atmosphere of our new space.

Be sure to drop-in to any of our regularly scheduled yoga classes. We offer a variety of morning and evening classes including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, as well as, Baby and Me. For class descriptions please visit our web site.

//Future Happenings//

Naomi and the Treehouse will be offering a Spring Retreat.
Lonna and Yoga Sherpa will be offering a Fall Retreat.
Plans are in the works so stay tuned for more details as they unfold. As always, we love feedback! Give us your thoughts and opinions on what you would like to see happening in your yoga community.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat and on the move.