Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Month of May

My special month is quickly coming to a close. I had a wonderful few weeks of birthday celebrations with friends and family. The highlight was our Saturday party @ our pad in Terrace -- my happy birthday song with 20+ people singing their hearts out still sends shivers up my spine. I loved that moment of glory and man was my vanilla cake that Meredith made ever delicious. Of course any party at our place ends in a living room dance extravaganza. This one lasted till 4:30 am -- my calves are still burning. What fun!

As we head into June, there are a million loose ends to tie up before I depart to Ontario for my month long holiday. Kermodei Tourism is in full swing with people coming and going ... three new summer students will be hired and I hope to have them up to speed and running the show in my absence. I have been focusing on the web site and plan to up the anti by adding lots of media rich content within a fresh new design. I am going to interview backcountry skiiers, take footage of mountain biking stunts on the new trails, crazy river rapids, etc. This is where the fun starts. I am then going to learn how to edit video and create slideshows on my power mac. Alright here we go! I will post these vignettes as I complete them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Giving Thanks

Big ups to my main man Bob for giving his all in all that we do. A heart of gold and his compassionate ways brings sunshine to a rainy day. My promise is to practice patience, courage, understanding and to try to let go of old habits and pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. Day by day I will take it nice and easy ... because once you let go of the reigns, abundance follows.

And this month is my month (and Nanny's too). May with all it's beautiful flowers and newfound sunshine makes me super happy. Only 8 more days till my birthday. It's hard to believe I am turning 34 ... grey hairs look out! I still feel like I am 17. Yahoo!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Run-off

I am beginning to shed some layers and a couple of pounds too. It's been a long winter and now that spring is here and the days are long, my happy factor is on the rise. This week has been full of good news:
  • Our closing date on our very first home together is tomorrow - a cute little place on six acres of Rainforest with a barn for my future horses
  • Bobby gave Nomsies a cute little sports car to rip around town in
  • I bought my plane ticket to Ontario for the summer - I leave June 30th and return July 27th
  • Two Kermodei Tourism proposals that I submitted came through with funding for projects
  • We are painting Totem Press this weekend in bright, fresh colours
  • I began work on Treehouse Yoga and have started teaching classes in my new studio - which I LOVE!
  • I received a letter from Leh, Ladakh from my little girl Padma Dechen - she received the photo album I made for her - yippee
  • I sent a letter to Padma's school to inquire about volunteer opportunities
  • I joined a gym and am circuit training 3 times a week
  • I am walking on Ferry Island a couple of times a week at my lunch hour with my pal Debbie Simons, the manager of the Visitor Centre
  • I was featured in the local paper, the Northern Connector
And that's the good news of the day.