Saturday, March 15, 2008

A little philosophy

8 Universal Principles for Stepping to the Edge
1. We are either now here or nowhere.
2. Be in the now and you'll know how
3. Growth is the most important thing there is
4. Exceed yourself to find your exceeding self
5. In order to heal, you need to feel
6. Think less. Be more
7. We are the sum total of our reaction
8. Don't try hard, try easy

Laws of Transformation Principles
• Seek the truth
• Be willing to come apart
• Step out of your comfort zone
• Commit to growth
• Shift your vision
• Drop what you know
• Relax with what is
• Remove the rocks
• Don't rush the process
• Be true to yourself
• Be still and know
• Understand that the whole is the goal

Principles of Alignment
• Build your house on a rock
• Establish neutral alignment
• Stack your joints
• Balance, control, and surrender
• Work from the bones

Mistakes or Misbeliefs in Principles
• Mistake 1. Believing in your doubts
• Mistake 2. Despising the days of small beginnings
• Mistake 3. Embracing tradition over intuition
• Mistake 4. Not recognising that the prize is in the process..
• Mistake 5. Falling into the trap of competition and comparison
• Mistake 6. Not recognising that sometimes less is more
• Mistake 7. Not understanding your resistance


The crocuses and daffodils are peeking out of the earth. As the days get longer, the sun continues to warm our souls and nourish the planet. I love spring. It always feels so invigorating, full of life and optimism. It's also a great time to cleanse the internal body ... the bloodstream, muscles, joints, organs and prepare for summer time fun and sun. I just completed a 12 day cleanse; the Wild Rose D-Tox and WOW what a great feeling to purge the entire digestive system and re-set the body + mind. It has given me a renewed sense of motivation and discipline. I feel like I have replenished my OJAS. It has made me look a little harder at everything I choose to put in my body. By removing wheat, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc., I feel lighter, brighter and have more clarity. Yoga (and this includes proper diet) is a sure fire way to feel happy every day.