Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wild Lotus Adventure

Dear Friends of Yoga,

Adventure by definition is an exciting experience; A bold undertaking involving uncertainty and Risk; A challenging journey;
It's Discovery; It's an excursion; It's an expedition; It's Exploration; It's a voyage; It's a crossing;
It's traversing; It's Traveling; It's something out of the ordinary; It's something dangerous;
It's something intense; It's Inspirational; It's Peak Experiences;
It's something surprising and unexpected; It's a change in your life or direction;
It's something that’s new or different that isn’t an everyday occurrence. It's tremendous exhilaration.

This month the gals at Wild Lotus would like to share with you their most recent adventures and news. And it is with the practice of Yoga that helps us to achieve wellness and mindful movement through the adventures of daily life—whether at work, play or on the yoga mat.

On a simple level, the practice of yoga gives us the tools to make whatever we do better. Whether it is outdoor adventure sports or the grind of daily life, a regular yoga practice helps to build resilience, strength, flexibility and a greater sense of peacefulness which ultimately enables us to react more quickly and calmly to change.

>> Wild Lotus is Looking for YOU

Lonna and Naomi would like to announce that the Wild Lotus Studio will be restructuring how classes are offered in the near future and will be closing its doors to the downtown location mid-December. For the past two years the studio has been a wonderful asset to the community and maintains an abundance of value in the work that has been invested in the business to date. The space has not only offered yoga classes but has been used for acupuncture, belly dancing, special workshops and so much more. We are putting it out to the community to see if there is any interest in taking over the Wild Lotus business and downtown location as an owner. The studio would thrive with new energy, fresh ideas and motivated people. Please get in touch with either Lonna or Naomi to discuss this opportunity further.

>> Shelley Tomczyk is COMING BACK NOVEMBER 18-20

Get set for another fun-filled inspiring weekend workshop as Wild Lotus hosts Shelley an Anusara-Inspired teacher in Vancouver. Shelley’s teaching is informed by her ruthless practice of self observation, intentional vulnerability and her own ongoing studentship. Her dynamic teaching style is challenging, uplifting and fun. She playfully uses storytelling to help students uncover their own process of transformation on the path and in everyday life.

Nov 18th - All levels 6:00 - 8:30PM
Nov 19th - Fundamentals 11:00-1:30PM
Nov 19th - Intermediate 3:00-5:30PM
Nov 20th - All Levels 10:30-1PM

Cost: $150 Full Series or $40 each

EMAIL naomi@wildlotus.ca to pre-register with your deposit. Get in touch today to be part of this transformational weekend and tell all your friends and family. This is one special weekend not to be missed.


Morning Yoga is in full effect with Elissa Marcus. Rise, shine and get your yoga glow Monday and Thursday mornings from 6:45am - 8:00am.

Naomi will be returning from her Cowgirl Adventure mid November to offer a limited number of classes and special workshops. The past couple of months at the Outfitters in the Northern Rockies has been a helluva ride full of challenges and life altering moments of beauty and bliss. Stay tuned for stories and tall tales. In the meantime Tuesday evening hatha classes will be canceled until she returns to Terrace mid November.

Lonna's classes are running as usual - be sure to drop in for hatha on Saturday mornings or restorative on Wednesday evenings.

We encourage all passholders to start using up your remaining classes. Passes are good for all of the morning and evening classes noted above. If you have completed your pass and would like to drop-in we are offering a special rate of $12 per class including taxes beginning now and running through to mid December. No more passes will be sold at this point.

We thank each and every one of you for your support, love and energy. As always, we look forward to seeing you on the mat and on the move.