Friday, February 6, 2009

New Class Schedule - Double the fun

Dear Yogis and Yoginis,

We are excited to announce the new Treehouse class schedule. More variety and times to suit your mood and schedule. A warm welcome to Lonna Sheen of Luna Yoga to the space. Visit Lonna's BLOG to learn more and stay tuned for details on our upcoming 'Open Treehouse'.

Monday with Lonna
5:30 PM Hatha Flow

Tuesday with Naomi
9:00 AM Hatha
5:30 PM Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday with Lonna
5:30 PM Restorative

Thursday with Naomi
9:00 AM Vinyasa Flow
5:30 PM Hatha

Saturday with Lonna
9:00 AM Hatha Flow

Sunday with Naomi
4:00 PM Restorative