Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to nature

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind tour of north-west bc's tourism highlights. My long-time pals, Leila and Paul pulled a 'rockstar' and flew from Toronto to Terrace for a weekend visit. I was so excited to have them here for a few days of catching up, talking and laughing. These two amaze me ... animal lovers and 'binge-fitness' freaks, running the show of their highly-successful software company , Idee Inc. in the big city ... ahhhh TO, my old friend. Sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of queen st ... the galleries, the people, the food, the stores but alas I am digging bc lifestyle... buckin' wood and walkin' around in rubber boots. It was neat to give them a taste of my new life:
  • A pot-luck with good friends talkin' backcountry skiing and avalanches
  • Driving to the Nass Valley for a rainy afternoon of Lava Bed vistas and coffee at Vetter Falls Lodge - Check out the new web site that my company, Digital Minds designed for the Nisga'a Commercial Group
  • An early morning hiatus to Smithers to ski and ride Hudson Bay Mountain on opening weekend
  • Lots of wine, cheese and knee slappers
Well, L & P left for home this afternoon but we still have Markie Mark, our good friend from Ontario staying with us at the studio for awhile. It's a tight squeeze as we have temporarily moved from Birch Ave. to the yoga studio while we complete the renovations on our new house, Cranberry Lane. Both Bob and I are enjoying Mark's chilled out vibes and this new room mate scenario. We are trying to convince him to stay for the winter and experience the true north-west. It's a toss up between Terrace and Brazil. Now what would you choose? I am keeping my fingers crossed but I think Terrace may just be in the lead. We are talking all kinds of fun ideas for the winter from lots of skiing and yoga, to fixing up the loft space above Totem Press and creating a multi-purpose artist/wellness studio, to writing and filming a documentary to playing around with all the printing equipment and making our own art projects. Sounds like a kid in a candy shop. Life is pretty sweet.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Terrace Tomorrow

The last two weeks in Ontario have been wonderful. Spending quality time with mom and re-connecting ... going for long walks in Muskoka, evenings fires, heart to heart chats, home cooking and beautiful fall weather. Also had the opportunity to see a few dear friends and my feisty grandmother in St. Catharines. But alas ... I received news that my little baby 'Boots' has been missing for the past four weeks in Terrace. This has consumed my thoughts and impacted my ability to relax and enjoy. Constant images and tactics whirl about in my mind ... where could she be? in someone's home? in the forest? roaming about town? will she come back? will she respond to my voice? did she feel abandoned? how will i find her? will i become a crazy lost cat lady? Needless to say, my anxiety has surfaced and I feel terrible. I am witness to my attachment and the outcome of these negative emotions. I continue to tell myself to think positively and remain optimistic. These ideals give me strength to find my missing boots. Here I come Terrace ... I will be home tomorrow. I'll be the one with the cat tinker bell wandering the streets like the Pied Piper.

Coming home

Sitting at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am looking forward to returning home to my friends and family and starting a new chapter feeling renewed and inspired. On the other, it’s so hard to let go of the traveler’s lifestyle … Seeing the sights, practicing lots of yoga, reading, eating, meeting all kinds of neat folks, chillin’ and relaxing. The mendie on my palms is fading but my memories are crisp and my mind is clear. I gave the last of my rupees to a woman who cleans the washrooms of the airport. As she handed me paper towels to dry my hands, I slipped her the crisp bills. A huge smile overcame her tired face. This unexpected gift would certainly help her family.

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago I was soaking up the scene at the Golden Palace in Amritsar. Well, it’s time to get back home, work hard and make more dreams come true.

In the last 24 hours we drove from Punjab to Delhi, dodging traffic in the congested streets to pick up Bob’s Dad, from the airport. Bill arrived last night from Prince Rupert ready to continue the renovations of his family home in the village of Nadalim. Charanjeet, Bill and our driver dropped us off at Kedar’s home, a new friend we met through Preya in Canada. With true Indian hospitality, Kedar and his family welcomed us with open arms, taking us to dine at their members-only club in Delhi. The last Indian supper on this journey was scrumptious. Mmmmm, dal, shahi paneer, roti, tandoor … the works.

Now Bob has left on his return flight that takes him through Japan to Vancouver. I am heading to Toronto for a two-week stint in Ontario. Mom and Emeric will be waiting for me at the airport with big smiles, hugs and kisses.