Monday, March 9, 2009

Figure Drawing Workshops

Treehouse Studio offers


Figure drawing is the exercise of drawing the human body from a nude model in various poses. It is traditionally a key aspect to artistic training and is a excellent way to express creativity and learn drawing techniques. Drawing the human form offers excellent possibilities of artistic expression not found in other forms of drawing. Approaches that we will focus on range from quick 10 second gesture sketches to detailed 30 minute drawing.

This will be the first workshop held at the Treehouse Studio. If there is lots of interest we will hold classes on a regular basis and build on the scope of instruction.

Location: Treehouse Studio (above Totem Press) 4535 Greig Ave.

When: Tentatively Tuesday 8-10pm. Starting date to be announced.

What is needed: drawing utensils of your choice, large drawing pad. We have easels.

Cost: to be determined, depending on number of attendants and payment to model.

We are looking for models and teachers.

Anyone interested in attending a figure drawing workshop please contact Mark for more information. 250-635-7412

Capoeira Classes - Sundays

Treehouse Studio offers

Capoeira Workshops

Capoeira is a physical art-form combining aspects of music, dance, game and martial arts. It was developed in Brazil sometime after 1600 by African and indigenous slaves. Capoeira was practiced in secrecy and was even banned until the 1930’s. Today it is a celebrated part of Brazilian culture and has spread worldwide. We will be practicing Capoeira Angola, a style that focuses on control, balance and grace as opposed to Capoeira Regional, a style which is very fast moving and acrobatic.

Traditionally, Capoeira schools are taught by Mestres (teachers) with decades of experience having a lineage connecting them to the great Mestres of Brazil ensuring purity of technique and philosophy. Traditionally, every member makes and learns to play every instrument and sing the poetic and enchanting songs in Portuguese. This is not a traditional school! The instructor, Mark, has studied Capoeira Angola intensively on a daily basis for only two months in Salvador Brazil under Mestre Lua de Bobo and Nagote Negaca. He has merely tasted a drop on the tip of an iceberg. We don’t claim to be a proper school but we aim to have a fun workout while learning some of the basics and listening to the music. No experience is necessary. Just come in loose clothing and bare feet or indoor runners.

Location: Treehouse Studio (above Totem Press) 4535 Greig Ave.

When: Drop-in every Sunday 6pm-7:30pm

Cost: FREE or donation

For more information talk to Mark Leung 250-635-7412