Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy, happy New Year! 2007 has been a momentous year - full of memories, change, inspiration and challenges that continue to shape our lives, open new doors and forge paths of positivity into 2008. May each one of us continue to attain our dreams and heartfelt intentions for the benefit of all humanity. And may we live in peace, harmony, truth and faith as we embark on this amazing journey together.

This year I have decided to skip the resolutions but rather create a series of vows or 'vradas' (in Sanskrit) for myself. By committing to these vows it is my intention to stay true to the course I set and make a concerted effort to change certain habits and patterns in my life.

Drum roll please ...

Integrate Ayurveda into my lifestyle
Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier
Be a more conscientious consumer
Volunteer with children at home and abroad
Rid my system of certain vices that cloud the mind and convolute the emotions
Juice fast for cleansing once a week
Read more
Start up my passion projects (art and design)
Learn to ski tour and improve cardiovascular

So to start ...
I have enrolled in a 12 week Integrating Ayurveda into Your Life Course through Renaissance Yoga and Ayurveda
I am taking an Avalanche Awareness Course in January
I have enrolled in Adult Ski School for the season at Shames Mountain
I have started a new book
I am curbing my urge to indulge

And here's a snippet from my first Ayurveda homework assignment which examines the causal body:

Here's my interpretation (and self-analysis) of the causal body:

The causal body is the third layer of existence that holds the truth to our central purpose in life. It asks the question, 'What are you here on this earth to do or to learn? A seemingly difficult if not impossible question to answer, the causal body maintains our 'wholeness' within our consciousness and one may catch a glimpse once we begin to unravel our many layers and purify the body and mind.

I believe the central purpose of my life focuses on forgiveness and compassion. The first set of clues may be found in my subconscious in a series of recurring dreams that portray elements of fear, abandonment and self-doubt which involve teeth falling out, mad chases by mysterious men and members of my family leaving me. Conversely, I have recurring dreams that feel uplifting and empowering, ones that allow me to let go, be open to change, help others, spread my wings, see the world from a different perspective and literally fly. As a Gemini, my tendencies have typically fluctuated from one extreme to the other. Work really hard ... get totally stressed out ... then play hard to compensate, always looking to the future or referencing the past. An over-achiever that pushes the limits by pressuring myself to do better and create more, led to habits (social and emotional) and vices spiraling out of control. It has only been through yoga and drastic lifestyle and relationship changes that the scales are beginning to come more into balance and my path more clearly defined. I have always had an affinity towards travel, distant cultures and a special place in my heart for the innocence of children. Simplify, be, help myself by letting go of past traumas, societal influences and future expectations in order to serve others from the heart.