Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Wranglin Duties

It was all business when I arrived at main camp that first year.  Here's a samplin' of my responsibilities and let's just say I had to suck it up and check my glamorous side at the door:

  • Burn tons of garbage with oil in barrels and empty the ashes into the field
  • Take the slop bucket on the ol tractor and swish it down the river
  • Pull orders of food and supplies for all the other camps
  • Start and stop the generator
  • Look after the horses
  • Stoke the heat more with huge logs you can barely lift and be sure not to singe your bangs and eyelashes off when you open the blazing inferno
  • Meet the plane
  • Clean and organize the shops and tackrooms
  • Pump fuel and roll barrels of diesel
  • Pick up dog shit
  • Weed the garden, fill the water tank
  • Lug random shit, here, there and everywhere
  • Dishes
  • And the list goes on ...

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